Simple & Fun Launceston Cup Betting

Australians love their big horse races. Not only do they enjoy the opportunity for a little bet or two, they enjoy the social aspect of the events too.

The Launceston Cup is a Tasmanian Turf Club Group 3 race run over a distance of 2400 metres at Launceston Racecourse. It is an open handicap race, run in Mowbray, Tasmania. It is part of the Tasmanian summer Racing Carnival. The Cup was first run in 1865.

The Launceston race track, Tasman Park, is three kilometres from downtown Launceston. On the third Wednesday of each February a public holiday is given to the inhabitants of the region for the purpose of holding and attending the Launceston Cup. The day of the Launceston Cup, and the horse race itself, gives the inhabitants of Tasmania one of their main annual social events. The Launceston Cup is the second richest Tasmania race with stakes hovering around three hundred thousand dollars. When it was originally run, the distance was 2,600 metres, but the race has since been shortened, and it is now 2,400 metres long. The Launceston, Launceston Cup draws about 16,000 spectators each year. Along with all the happy punters, many business people entertain their guests at the corporate marquee, and it has become a great place to be while networking with clients and partners.. There is the availability of pre-purchased and seniors’ discounts that makes the day affordable for everyone.

As with most cup days around Australia, fashion takes an unavoidable front seat, after the horses of course. Launceston, Launceston Cup day holds a competition with prizes for men and women fashions.

Huge Activity Online Every Race Day

The Australian racing scene can be both elegant and exciting. There are horse races being run all over the country every weekend. Most of the big races have a real party atmosphere, and prizes and the possibilities for winning them seem boundless. The big races will provide the punter with endless adrenaline filled action. Wagers can be placed at the track, while watching the races, or placed online while at home, using the computer or smart phone. There is huge activity online every race day, with the sports books giving punters some of the highest available odds. Horse racing has always been one of the biggest sporting events globally, and this has continued throughout the centuries. There are not many events more exciting than a horse race, and the event becomes even more exciting if one has a financial interest in the outcome much like when you’re punting at the best NRL betting sites.

The purses in Australia are often really large. Launceston, Launceston Cup offers a great winners’ prize too, about 300,000 Australian dollars. Competition at the track is fierce, with many wagers being placed, and as a result the rewards can become even more lucrative.

Finding the Best Odds Online

Today punters looking to place a wager can do so online at sports sites. This gives them the opportunity to search the sports books for the best odds available and for the sites that give the most bonus deals. With just a little preparation and research, punters can make the best arrangements, and increase the chances of a really good win. The technological advances in online security also assures the punter of a convenient site in which to place his bets, which is also safe and protected.