Check out the Important Stories of Lottery Winners

Everyone fantasizes about winning the Lottery, and there are plenty of stories about people who have done so even on mobile casino nz. These are important testimonials, whether they end happily or sadly. If people mismanage their wins or let money change the relationships they have with those that they love, new winners can work at not making the same mistakes. In the same way, the stories of Lottery winners that end well can inspire you to keep playing and show you how beneficial the money can be. For some feel-good stories to warm your heart and keep you going, read on.

A Win for the Whole Family

A retired woman in Victoria, Australia, bought a winning ticket in 2012. She and her husband, who was due to retire soon as well, decided to remain anonymous and not to tell too many of their friends and family. Instead they paid off the student loans of their 3 children and gave each one a substantial amount to put towards buying homes of their own. The winning couple used the rest of the money to buy their own house, make solid investments and take a long holiday in Asia.

Remembering Where They Came from

Peter Lavery was a bus driver in Belfast until her wan 10.2 million Pounds in the Lottery in 1996. He did stop working and buy a Tudor-style home and a fleet of cars then, but he stayed living in the heart of Belfast. He also buys his groceries in the same place that he always has, wears thrift shop cloths and does his own yard work. In a similar tale from the stories of Lottery winners, 21-year-old Alexandra Char kept waitressing in a Mexican restaurant after winning 1 million US Dollars and actually only gave herself 1 day off to celebrate. She also still lives in the same place she did before, and still shares it with her dog, her boyfriend and 4 other housemates.

A Quiet Win

Mallorca is a small island off the coast of Spain, and was the home of a 2009 Lottery winner known only as Catalina. When she won a massive 126 million US Dollars, she chose to tell a few people only and to move away from the island to avoid attention. She also wanted to protect her young son from the limelight, and to ensure he wasn’t pampered so that he would develop his own work ethic. She stayed at her job for 2 years after this, and still drives the most common car in today’s market. She goes about her normal business, and is even subscribed to her local public hospital. Unlike so many other stories of Lottery winners, especially when such a huge windfall is involved, this one features people who lead completely normal daily lives.

The Common Denominator

All of these stories of Lottery winners have people with solid values at their heart. They used their wins to enhance their lives and the lives of those that they loved, but they didn’t let it change who they were. They will never have to worry about money again, but they still know how important hard work and prudent living are. Consider their example as you decide what you’d do with your winnings, and make the decision now. Having a plan in place when you are suddenly deluged with a large amount of money will help you keep a cool head and make sound decisions.