Cool Slots Machine Reviewed for Beginners

To understand what makes a particular online slots game worthy of wearing the ‘cool’ mantle, players need to appreciate the underlying fact that slots coolness is ultimately based on the winning potential. The most beautiful slot, with the most engaging animations, graphics and sound is simply not cool at all if players walk away empty-handed, sad and unfulfilled. Therefore a basic understanding of the odds related to slot machines is essential to the appreciation of the coolest slot machines.

How to Rate Cool

One of the key rules of thumb regarding the determination of cool online slots play is that the easier a slots game is to understand, the lower the house odds usually are. Playing slots machines is a terribly easy virtual pastime to access, however, in between the high house edge and the rapid rate at which these games are played, is a dark abyss where huge volumes of money are poured. And this is not cool.

Online slot machines, whether a 3 reel single-payline game or a 5 reel and 25 payline game, the outcome of every bet is ultimately determined by computer generated pseudo random numbers. In effect, the game selects a random number, termed pseudo-random since this cannot ever be totally random in a computer environment, for each reel of the game and maps that number onto a position on the reel. It also then stops the reel in the appointed, or ‘random’ place, and provides a score on whatever the outcome is. The outcome of the spinning reels are therefore predestined from the moment the buttons are clicked. Hot and cold cycles is therefore really just a myth, the odds are identical for every spin on a given machine. Like red and black on a roulette table, odds do not change.

Slot Machine Odds

The odds therefore are not really and accurately quantifiable, and cool slots machines will just simply be better payers. The odds in an online slots game also vary depending on the coin denomination selected like cricket betting odds that may different from site to site. Data from the Las Vegas slots reveals that at the lowest denominations the house odds are over 10%, while at 25 coin value, which is extremely high, the house odds have come down to less than 4%. Most players prefer penny video slots, so effectively, the cooler the casino, the cooler the odds on the slots are. Cool slots are therefore highly related to cool casinos.

Winning is Cool

As stated earlier, the simpler the slots game is overall, the better the odds are for the player. Big complicated slots games with large animations, second video screens and masses of side games tend to not pay as well as the simple games. Simple games are thus cool. However, there is certainly an impression that the big fancy games are more fun to play. This may be so, but the simpler, classic games are most certainly cooler in terms of winning. Which is the primary reason for gambling games.

The higher the coin denomination, the better the odds, and the cooler the slot machine. Players should remember that it is better to play one coin per line on a 5 value coin game than five coins per line on a 0.01 coin game. This is also a cool play on online slots for real money in Canada .