Jumpin’ Rabbit Online Slot Basics for Players

What do you get when you strap a parachute to a rabbit it and toss it out of an aeroplane? A furry splat on the floor? Certainly not, you get Jumpin’ Rabbit, one of the oddest slot games you’re likely to play. Based around a bunny that clearly has a fondness for skydiving, this charming game may not blow your socks off with innovation, but it’ll certainly put a smile on your face with its amusing art style. Let’s find out what makes this interesting game tick.

Game Mechanics

Jumpin’ Rabbit uses a 5 reel, 30 betting line system, which is fairly standard. What is interesting is that the player may manually adjust the betting lines between spins, which goes a long way to offering strategic options. If the player thinks that a big win is about to be scored, it makes sense to adjust the betting lines up. If there is sign of a losing streak, adjusting the betting lines down will save a bit of cash. It is a system based on luck and blind prediction, but a good player can make the most of this system and really rake in the loot.

The graphics and image design of the game is where Jumpin’ Rabbit really shines. The little white bunny, a smile on his face and ears flapping in the wind, is an instantly likable character. He seems thrilled about just doing what he loves; hurling himself out of airborne planes. He doesn’t have much in the way of animations, but that doesn’t stop the little critter from being one of the more lovable game characters around. Note that the bunny is the wild symbol in the game, and will match with any other play symbol to create a matching sequence. He may not, however, match with himself.


Jumpin’ Rabbit will work on all play platforms, including home computer, but has specifically been optimized to function with smartphone touch screens. The best play experience can be had on tablet, which has a larger screen and also utilised touch screen functionality.

Symbol Values

Some of the other symbols in the game are carrots, a plane, a wind sock and the traditional playing card symbols, jack, queen, king and ace. If wanting to make the most cash possible the player will be looking to match the plane symbol the maximum of 5 times, which is the biggest standard payout in the game. The wind sock is the least valuable symbol, but still pays out a decent amount if matching 5 times. Now let’s see what Jumpin’ Rabbit offers as far as bonuses and specials go.

If matching the scatter symbol, represented by the written words Jumpin’ Rabbit, the player is granted 10 free spins. During the free spins, however, a number of extra wilds are added to the reels. So many extra wilds, in fact, that a win is guaranteed on almost every one of the free spins. Needless to say, the result is pockets loaded with bonus cash.