Munchkins Slot Explained to Online Pokies Players

Munchkins Slot Explained

Munchkins are magical creatures that make an appearance in many fairy tales; films; and books. They even show up in horror stories, and the anecdotes told by aircraft maintenance staff –although these are not as adorable as those found in the Land of Oz. These last are the ones who creep about in the dead of night and make snacks from the various objects they find, and are blamed for the disappearance of keys; wallets and important notes.

General Description

Munchkins online slots machine game has five reels and 15 paylines, and offers a non-progressive jackpot to players. There are wild symbols; scatter icons and free spins on offer, and all of these bonus elements are designed to help the player grab hold of the maximum possible jackpot of 75 000.

The Interface for Munchkins Slots

The graphics for Munchkins online slots are very bright; colourful and clear, and has cartoon aspects in evidence. There are buttons by which players are able to select the lines they wish to play available; the number of coins they wish to bet on these; and a button that allows for the maximum possible bet to be activated, all in the form of golden banners. A round button placed near these options will display the current coin value, and this is adjusted by means of the plus and minus signs.

Munchkins Slot Interface

Comparing to political betting, this is a light-hearted online slots game that will allow players to travel back to the scenes from their childhoods while they attempt to lay a little extra money in their bank accounts, and the payouts are timely enough to ensure that all players’ preferences are met. The betting range allows for both lower-stakes bettors and those that enjoy higher wagers to take part, and it is widely available at online casinos that support Microgaming software.


The symbols for Munchkins slots have all suffered from the ravenous appetites these creatures possess, and players will be working with keys; a wallet; a homework-filled notebook and a slightly nibbled on cookie. The playing card symbols of nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace have also been munched, and teeth-marks are in evidence. The symbol responsible for awarding free spins is the only one that has managed to escape unscathed, and is a bite-free biscuit, and the wild in which the munchkin should be housed. The reels are set against the background of a dimly lit room, with a large moon evident behind the window.

Jackpot for Munchkins Online Slots

The highest possible payout a player can expect from Munchkins online slots is 75 000, and play is available in free mode for those who wish to take the entertainment for a test-drive before opening their wallets. Players will not be required to download any software or even register for an online casino account if they do not wish to, although it must be remembered that any winnings accrued in this mode will not be real money rewards.