Time to Go Through the Review of Monopoly Big Event Online Slot

This is a slot game from Barcrest and is based on the popular property based board game Monopoly. Making the theme of this slot something rather different the developers also included several other aspects of the game to make the reels as action intensive as possible. The graphics and visual look of this Monopoly Big Event slot game is fairly basic, with a simple backdrop and set of reels on screen. It may not be the presentation that blows players away, but this slot has lots of other fun activities available to keep everyone entertained.

Fundamentally this is a 5 reel slot game with 20 pay lines and some decent betting selections. In terms of bonus features, Monopoly Big Event has got plenty, with most of these becoming available through their two different types of bonus bet. Players can expect the likes of locking Wilds, dancing Wilds, guaranteed wins and increasing multipliers to name a few. There is definitely a lot to do on this slot besides manage one’s property portfolio.

Theme, Symbols and Bonus Bets

As mentioned above, the theme of this slot is the famous property trading game Monopoly. Apart from the symbols and bonus features however the slot doesn’t take after the game all too much. The layout on the screen, in and around the reels, is fairly basic, with the different buttons, for betting and the like, being situated on either side of the reels and below them. The backdrop is a red velvet wallpaper, which complements the reels without being overwhelming. Otherwise the slot’s appearance is pretty standard.

The symbols on the reels is where things begin to get interesting in Monopoly Big Event slot. Players will find symbols like the dog, car and ship from the board game as well as a handful of colourful playing card symbols to bet on and play with. These can reap some decent jackpots but only really become particularly valuable when used in conjunction with some of the bonus features available.

The bonus bets in this Monopoly Big Event slot help out in several ways. There are two types of big bets, the 20 coin one and the 30 coin one, both can be activated from buttons alongside the reels. The 20 coin bet offers multipliers that increase on the reels with each win, from 1 times up to 5 times. The 30 coin big bet begins with a wheel that spins and selects from a range of possible bonuses to take onto the reels for a time.

Monopoly Big Event Bonus Features Included

The only real bonus feature players can trigger in this slot is the Big Event, which happens when the player lands the big event symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Players then get to choose community chest cards and chance cards intermittently, with the former revealing the free spins and guaranteed wins, and the latter a selection of bonus symbols. Get a combination of 3 symbols here to trigger one of the cool bonus features like dancing Wilds, locked Wilds and increasing multipliers. These become fairly self explanatory as they play out and can be particularly lucrative if used correctly.